No one can plan for every emergency. Careful planning of your special event will help you determine how much security and other assets are needed and where.

World Wide Protection offers a complete array of security services and options for your firm's entertainment, sport, or business occasions.

As the largest local provider of special event security services, we handle security for everything from small, private events to full service security at the largest event venues in the region.

Protection for high level events includes access control for the auditorium, crowd handling and parking handling, dog patrol, and executive protection for the celebrities.

We utilize highly specialized, experienced staff to associate with you, to come up with an all-inclusive safety strategy which includes event administration, coordination with local police and medical staff, and threat/occasion evaluations.

Our staff handles security events like:

* Conventions

* Business Conferences

* National Trade Shows

* Concert Tours

* Political Gatherings

* Local and Government Events

* Red Carpet Events

* National Sporting Events

We provide custom-built event protection solutions to manage any size public or private occasion. At events where hundreds to thousands will be gathering, or at venues varying from college auditoriums to stadiums, we're in a position to create a safety plan suited to your occasion’s requirements.

To ensure the most effective and most indepth coverage, we associate with your event’s managerial personnel to recognize possible risks and create successful strategies to fulfill them.

Some benefits are:

* Security Management Planning

* Specialized Operative Attire

* Emergency Management and Response Plans

* Dedicated Event Liaison Manager

* Crowd Management and Liaison Coordination

Our special event management staffs are safety experts and former high-ranking police or military leaders who've prepared and carried out prior events under the most critical conditions.

Whether you're hosting a sporting match or concert or another form of entertainment, it is necessary that the attendees are focused on enjoying themselves and not preoccupied with worrying about their security.

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