There's a great need for security. It has required years for you to develop an effective company, purchase and furnish a house, or acquire your most precious possessions. Your home and business are worth maintaining securely at all times.

World Wide Protection provides security guard services to help protect the community.

Having ateam of certified and licensed security guards, we are able to give you the security personnel that you seek. From the expertise of a retired police or military expert to the tactfulness of an experienced security guard, our customers are consistently pleased with our security staff.

World Wide Protection provides security for your home or business property, as well as your employees and customers, with:

• Armed or Unarmed Security Guards

• Security Guards in Uniform or Plain-Clothed

There are 3 Security Guard Levels

• Level 1: Highly trained guards who are licensed and bonded

• Level 2: Highly trained guards who are licensed and bonded, with a military/police background or security experience of 1-10 years

• Level 3: Highly trained guards who are licensed and bonded, with a military/police background or security experience of 10+ years

Our highly competent Security Guards work together with your security system to give you the best protection strategy available. We choose our Guards utilizing the highest standards of professionalism and honesty. We conduct thorough background investigations on each and every worker in addition to an extensive testing process.

Our security officers don't just stop crimes like theft and trespassing and vandalism,they also secure entries and exits, check IDs and sales slips, and direct clients. Our security officers protect your company, workers, and clients in order to let you focus on your business.

Our security services include:

* Initial client interviews with our security consulting professionals

* Written evaluation of your existing security services and action steps for improvement

* Full Risk assessment and analysis of your facility

* Full recommendations and implementable objectives

* Strategic plan for use of closed circuit camera (CCTV), access control, and other technology options

* Security Plans and Designs

* Site Visits and client specific recommendations

* Vulnerability and threat assessments

* Crisis management plans and manager training

* Policy and procedure development

* Security Guard Post Orders and assignment instructions

* Emergency preparation and subsequent contingency plans

* Investigations – Internal and incident specific

Our services range from armed and unarmed security officers to experienced protection professionals, surveillance solutions, armed escorts of high value goods, security cameras, and a lot more.

Contact us at (404) 668-3439 to schedule an appointment and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family, your company, and your home are sufficiently protected.


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