When clients need more than just simple security, World Wide Protection is able to offer professional, personal, executive protection services.

Experienced and educated, our skilled personnel give you the degree of protection your job requires. Our experienced and well-trained security operators provide top quality executive protection services and personal security.

Our bodyguard personnel/Personal Security Officers are highly competent, experienced specialists. Many of our bodyguards are ex-armed forces and are used to working in highsecurity scenarios.

Our services include:

• Private Security

• Personal Bodyguards

• Security Drivers

• Escort Teams

• Personal Medical Officers

• Investigation and Surveillance

• Close Protection Security

We provide a professional service while maintaining a personal approach throughout. All of our services may be tailored to suit your specific needs, as we believe that our clients should receive the best possible protection and service at all times.

Our personal security solutions are customized to fit your business, with security management and programs designed for your operational needs.

Advantages of using our services:

• Client Interview

• Threat Assessment/Investigation

• Advance Work

• Implementation of Personal Security Detail

• Periodic update of Threat Assessment while risk remains viable

We are in the business of providing our clients with the peace of mind to get on with their own business. Adopting an intelligence lead approach to threat mitigation, we always provide honesty and absolute confidentiality.

If you are needing high level of safety, you should choose from among our trained Bodyguards and close protection officers. Whether you're looking for one Bodyguard or the full close protection staff, we've got several operatives with varying degrees of specialized training.

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