Are you wanting to have your property checked regularly to decrease criminal activity and ensure that all is secure and safe?

World Wide Protection  provides superior security services teamed with intelligence. The Security Officers we select are able to make smart on-the-spot decisions and take fast, effective action when time is of the essence.

In case your home or business premises needs daily, weekly, or monthly patrols, from internal to external, our exclusive security vehicles can offer this support for you personally.

Our Services include:

• Internal and external property checks

• Staff Security checks

• Staff and Visitor Escorts

• Equipment Checks

• Response to Alarm

• Lock and unlock service

• Arming and disarming of security system

For our clients and other alarm companies, we can immediately dispatch a security officer in a marked squad car to investigate the source of the alarm, contact the local police, if needed, contact our client with the results, and secure the building on behalf of the client.

Our trained Patrol Supervisors will come to your site in well maintained safety vehicles, either at predetermined times or randomly, to make sure your home or business is secure and safe.

The advantages of working with us are:

• Dedicated security patrol

• Random daytime security patrol

• Dedicated vehicle security patrol

If our experts locate something unusual while at your service, our safety experts may deal with the situation according to prior instructions and event escalation methods.

Depending on the type of event, we will also follow up with you individually either during the function or by the next business day, to make certain you're completely pleased with our services.

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