The world is a place where the need for protection has increased. Personal security and executive protection helps to keep important, high profile people safe at all times.

World Wide Protection offers all degrees of safety assistance, both locally and when traveling overseas, to protect celebrities, executives, wealthy people, and government officials, along with their loved ones and property, from dangers such as physical attack, kidnapping, theft, harassment, or even assassination.

Some of our services include:

• Protection of High Net Worth Individuals/Families

• Executive and VIP Protection Specialists

• Celebrity Protection Services

• Travel Accompaniment and Security

• Personal and Witness Protection Services

• Designated and Temporary Protection Teams

• Protective Intelligence/Counter Surveillance

• Hostile Environment Security Teams

• Covert Protection/Protective Surveillance

• Local Support Services

• Safe Transportation Services - Goods and Personnel

Our services enable a number of exceptional choices according to personal risk levels and privacy demands. We are able to offer highsecurity close protection bodyguard solutions, or a more discreet covert protection system for people who want an unobtrusive security team providing low profile surveillance from a reasonable distance that allows for more privacy and independence.

We provide you with a complete spectrum of protection services, route and venue advances, family security, risk analysis, travel planning, concierge services, and professional transportation to ensure that your trip is well planned, safe, and enjoyable.

Services include:

• Executive Protection Services

• VIP Security Services

• Employee Safety Escorts

• Protection from Sexual Predators

Our personal safety staff are experienced and typically consist of retired police officers or others who formerly held security duties in their various agencies.

We offer protection for executives through quality security services, as well as providing executive protection to high profile public figures and private individuals.

If you are interested in finding out more about our customized personal protection programs or need security for a celebrity or other visitor, feel free to contact us at (404) 668-3439.


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